A Poem: Soothed


Last year, believe it or not, I discovered that hoovering my house brought me huge comfort in an uncertain time (in the outside world, naturally, but also during a period of really tricky bedtime battles with the boys). It also, as it turns out, brought inspiration. A surprise!

(no picture of a hoover handy!)


I think I’ve cleared out all the stuff,
the mental chatter, the bits of fluff,
gradually through pouring out words and thoughts,
I’ve got this mama head into an order, of sorts.

Who knew that in writing, your woes would abate,
revealing a blank canvas, a fresh new slate,
Perhaps going forward my words will lighten,
instead of dark feelings that twist and frighten.

Ink spooled across the pristine page of my book,
With each word that I wrote, each breath that I took,
My heart was soothed. Calmed like a child.
Thoughts now tamed and a little less wild.

Turn up at the page, turn up, turn up,
It’s the easiest way of filling my cup,
writing, a walk, an evening with a friend,
and slowly, slowly, my sad heart starts to mend.

Alexia Pinchbeck 17.10.20
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