Penelope and Frida and the Mystery Creature


A beautifully vibrant picturebook, with a cast of characters your whole family will fall in love with.

Can you figure out what the mystery creature is before the big reveal? There are clues on every page…

Penelope and Frida have found a mystery creature lost on the beach. Determined to help him, they head into the jungle for answers, encountering a host of challenges along the way. Can they figure out what the creature is before it is too late? See full book overview.

Like my previous book, Samuel and the Monster, Penelope and Frida explores the importance of our mindset and resilience when overcoming challenges, as well as the immense value of gentle kindness.  Produced in collaboration with Creative Producer Saba Kia.

You and your children will be left guessing throughout the book, until the moment of the BIG REVEAL, when we find out the real identity of the fruits’ mystery companion. Is he friend, or foe?!

  • UK: £3.58
  • Europe: £6.75
  • USA: £8.75