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Penelope and Frida

and the Mystery Creature

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‘Penelope and Frida and the Mystery Creature’ is a short, simple story with vibrant, colourful illustrations that gently explore themes of kindness, resilience and friendship.

Penelope (Peach) and Frida (Pineapple) have discovered a mystery creature lost on the beach, and none of their friends know where he has come from or what he is. Penelope and Frida are determined to help the creature, and head into the jungle for answers.

But can they trust their new friend, and help him find his way home before it's too late?


The Back Story

This second book, unlike my first which fell out of my head overnight, was a LONG and quite often painful journey spanning nearly three years of writing and illustration riddled with  intensely challenging moments, not unlike the journey our two protagonists, Penelope (Peach) and Frida (Pineapple).

The two fruit stumble across a mystery creature, and battle their way through the jungle,  overcoming all sorts of challenges and adversaries, as they try to help him find his way home. It is a colourful, vibrant tale which gently explores the power of compassion,  resilience and friendship.

Originally commissioned and conceived in collaboration with Creative Producer Saba Kia, the characters were based on Saba, her best friend Helia and their group of  close friends, with one jokingly referred to as a soft peach, and the other a tough  pineapple. We worked together to agree the story themes: kindness, resilience and  friendship, and then off I went writing and painting.


As I wrote and illustrated the book, the world locked down multiple times, defending itself against an unknown virus (a mystery creature metaphor?!), I personally was struck down with a mystery illness (second mystery creature metaphor?!) that taught me the importance of rest, taking things one baby step at a time, and ultimately to treat myself with kindness.

As a family we moved house three times in quick succession, the whole family came down with covid, followed immediately by noro. It was a time of seemingly never-ending challenges. But at each turn, life informed art, and art imitated life, and when I eventually let go, softened up and tapped into the resilience that kindness allowed me… somewhat to my surprise, I finally finished the book.

Like Penelope and Frida and their friend the mystery creature, the journey taught its author illustrator as much as the characters themselves. When the mystery creature’s identity is finally revealed, it might be too late for Penelope and Frida to save themselves, but will their kind acts save the day? Order your book now to find out.

About the author, me!

A bit about me: I live by the sea with my husband, four children (two boys and two girls, my stepdaughters), pug dog Raisin and our little french fire engine called Albert. I am passionate about everyone fulfilling their creative dreams, and about creating a future world filled with emotionally resilient human beings who are following their passions, starting from when they are SMALL!

Imagine a world where everyone is fulfilled and happy…

I have so many things which keep ME fulfilled and happy, some of these are: journalling, painting, cuddles, dancing - on my own, and with my husband and children - mermaiding (swimming that is less exercise, more flipping around), antics and belly laughs with my inspiring girlfriends, adventures small and big, cycling with the wind in my hair, picnic spreads and afternoon tea, parties, reading, learning and constantly challenging myself, dressing up, delicious healthy food and creating a world filled with GORGEOUS POPS OF COLOUR. Explore my full story here.