Samuel and the Monster


‘Samuel and the Monster’ is a short, simple story with brightly coloured, bold illustrations, an engaging bedtime read for all the family.

Samuel has a Monster in his room, and no amount of ignoring it is making it go away. One night, filled with new resolve, Samuel decides enough is enough! Through strength of conviction and dancing with his fear, proclaiming ‘there are no monsters,’ Samuel shrinks the Monster, ridding himself if it once and for all. See full book overview.

If your child is experiencing general fears/anxiety or specifically monsters and nightmares that might be causing broken sleep, the book provides a useful point of discussion on how our mindset, our actions and our words are all important when facing our fears.

Reading through ‘Samuel and the Monster’ together, standing strong and following the actions suggested by the story will help them to overcome their night fears, with a hefty dose of fun.

  • UK: £3.58
  • Europe: £6.75
  • USA: £8.75